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Books under the Christmas tree

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day. I’ve had a lovely morning and lunch with my family and now we’re all sat down to watch a new DVD as I type this up. I thought that I would share the books I received as gifts today with everyone.

1. This book is full of spiders by David Wong


I read “John Dies at the End” earlier this year and couldn’t put it down, so I have been wanting this for a while but Mam was heavily hinting that she had bought me it already so I held off getting it. I can’t wait to see if this is as good as the first was!

2. Music and Gender – Perspectives from the Mediterranean, edited by Tullia Magrini


Gender in music is a subject within music that I am fascinated with and I noticed this particular book on the bookshelf of a friends flat and I couldn’t resist borrowing it to read and got hooked. Unfortunately she had to take it back to her university library and it was a bit too expensive for me to buy it at the time, so I’m excited to finally have my own copy to finish it off.

3. Just Joking published by National Geographic


I do voluntary work as a reading helper in a local primary school through an organisation called Beanstalk (which I will be blogging about soon!). The present was marked as from “Santa” so thank you Santa, I know that my children will have a lot of fun with these jokes and riddles!

4 & 5 Les Bonnes – Genet and Buch der Lieder – Heine

Image Image

I can’t say a lot about these two – I’m learning French and German and having literature to translate I find very exciting, though I imagine I won’t be able to get read them fluently for a while.

6. Kindle Paperwhite


This was a massive and exciting surprise! I was bought this so that I can “read in bed without having to use a torch any more”. I’m not sure how I feel about the touch screen; some things are easier, others harder, but I’ll give a full review of this verses my old Kindle sometime soon.

Well, that was what I found under my Christmas tree – leave me a comment to let me know what you got!

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